About us

Bizlytik Research is a professional market research and consulting firm that specializes in business-to-business research. We provide both qualitative and quantitative research reports to clients worldwide across all major industry domains. As a leading provider of global business intelligence, we offer market, product, consumer, competitor, and vendor information, along with insightful analysis to our clients. Our services include in-depth research support, market estimates, statistical data, and forecasts utilizing both primary and secondary research modes. We offer syndicate reports, custom research, and consulting services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our team of experienced researchers, analysts, consultants, subject matter experts, key opinion leaders, and industry experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We recognize that exceptional projects require exceptional people. Our team comprises of individuals with diverse backgrounds such as engineers, business administrators, communication specialists, and scientists. Our team members are graduates and postgraduates from reputable institutions and have extensive industry experience.

We employ robust and exhaustive research methodologies that include extensive primary and secondary research techniques. Our access to reputed third-party databases and in-house repository, coupled with inputs from industry experts, allow us to offer high-quality research solutions. We use standard statistical functions as well as our proprietary statistical model to deduce reasonable and reliable market estimates and forecasts.