Terms And Conditions

Bizlytik Research is pleased to offer its services subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms apply to your use of our website and any transactions you may conduct through it. Our terms and conditions have been crafted to ensure the protection of both our interests and yours. We reserve the right to modify, alter, or update these terms at any time, and any changes will become effective immediately upon posting on the site.

Please take note of the following:

Website Information:

The information on our website is owned by Bizlytik Research and is subject to regular updates. All content posted on the site is protected by copyright, and we kindly request that it not be used for any personal or commercial purposes.

Electronic Business Communication:

Your visit to or use of the Bizlytik Research website constitutes entering into business communication with the company. We will respond to your inquiries and messages via email or other electronic means, and all communications will be strictly related to business matters.

Delivery Timeline:

Upon placing an order on our website, we will promptly commence our research process and provide a sample report within 24 hours, subject to any technical or other obstacles that may arise. Upon confirmation of the project, we will deliver the final report within 24-48 hours. Any deviation from this timeline will be communicated to you in special cases.

Payment Terms:

Bizlytik Research reserves the right to restrict or revoke product access in the event of non-payment by the client. The payment for the standard report covers only the cost incurred to produce the report. In cases of custom research or specific client requirements, additional charges may apply. Any payments made to parties not legally affiliated with Bizlytik Research are the sole responsibility of the client and no refunds will be provided for such transactions.

Confidentiality of Intellectual Property:

The reports purchased from Bizlytik Research are subject to the terms of the license agreement between you and the company. You are entitled to use the product only within the boundaries of the license agreement and may not copy, reproduce, modify or distribute the product for commercial purposes or share it with any third party outside of the license agreement.

End Product Quality:

We maintain high standards of quality and detail in our reports, as outlined on our website. To provide an understanding of the quality and scope of our reports, we offer a free demo sample. Once you purchase the report, you will have limited opportunity to dispute the content or scope of the report.

Discounts and Offers:

Bizlytik Research may periodically offer discounts on its products, which will be subject to a specified deadline. Once the discount offer has passed its deadline, clients will not be eligible to receive the discount. In cases where discounts are offered through business communication, the discount will be honored provided that the communication is documented.